Jul 172010

Perhaps this is not the case for everyone but in my view;

The Internet and open source has come of age. It has never been easier to build a strong and dynamic Internet presence. The tools are just waiting to be used and a Website can be developed rapidly to meet so many requirements.

I now have a Hosting Account and can setup and deliver Internet sites quickly and efficiently. Sites most importantly must be easy for the content owner to update. Content is King – if you don’t have something to say, then don’t bother. So it is essential that you find website solutions you can attend to with the ease of emailing a friend.

Good website design in my opinion involves;

  1. Technical knowledge and ability to rapidly deliver.
  2. Being able to cut to the chase and really understand the REQUIREMENTS a site needs to fulfill, even when the customer is not so sure themselves.
  3. The ability to educate people on what is possible so they may frame their needs in what is actually available.
  4. An artistic or aesthetic appreciation (Personally I get help on this one – Know your weakness and get stronger)
  5. Design skills

I now find myself in the position to do all these effectively. So can I help you ?

Finally – all this is only possible because we “stand  on the shoulders of giants”, those people in the creative Open Source  movement that precede us.

Jul 172010

I am now working with a number of great Internet based solutions. I usually have to get novice users involved and I am learning from these users what the really need to know, and explain what advantages one thing has over another.  The truth is you often learn by teaching so I will post here some of that material, and you can benefit from this if you watch my blog. Here are a few of the things I will post about;

  1. WordPress
  2. Using Google groups
  3. Google Apps
  4. Thinking tools
  5. TiddlyWiki tricks and tips
  6. Yammer
  7. more

I will update this post as things come to mind.

Jul 122010

This is not a prestige claim, I just got one when my old Nokia died. Fortunately I had access to a cost effective plan and despite considerable research showing the device had technical short comings I got the iPhone in part due to various time frame issues.

Fact is, “I Love it”, I have learned a very important lesson and that is technical superiority can be dwarfed by the usability, functional and the economies of scale (resulting from popularity). It is easy to use, reliable and fully featured – with a whole lot of inspiring applications that opens ones mind to possibilities of personal and mobile devices.

As a result you will see iPhone Posts in this blog.

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Jul 122010

In this category I will post information about my favorite software in the “Software Category”. Unless otherwise stated this will only be software I use deeply and often. This is in itself proof of it’s value.

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Jun 182010

Welcome to SerendipityIdeas.

This website is for;

  • Vanity publishing of my photos
  • The publishing of computer and internet tips and tricks by the author
  • As a gate way to professional website provision
  • As a sand box for experimental site design