Jul 282010

I am reviewing some training material for work that I studied some time ago. The material has been updated with information on wireless networks. Here are a few tips that should assist you on the domestic wireless front.

Channel 11 is most likely to suffer from microwave oven interference. So it would seem you should avoid it.
Wireless antennas are best placed 20 feet or 6.5 meters above the recieving device.
For less than $30 AUD you can buy better antennas that replace your built in one with a lead.
If you have more than one wireless router try connecting them by wire and configure the same SSID but different channels with a signal overlap of 10-15%
Another trick I found when running a cable into an area with no reception that the presence of the cable made the wireless work.

I would think there was a way to determine which channels have the least interference, dose any one know how ?


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