Jul 262011

Like anything in the world nothing is really new. However I think that Cloud marks the final move of IT into its late stage maturity. Gone are the heady days of bleeding edge immature market. Virtual infrastructure, servers and applications available with “provide credit card here” means ICT is almost totally available as a commodity. We once had General purpose computers now we can have General Purpose Data centers, almost everything can be “Done in Software”.

Jan 062011

Have you considered you only have to use a common password once on a site that attracted you with “Free stuff” and they can login everywhere else they can see you may visit.

I use KeePass (the portable version on my DropBox) – that works well for me,  I like the drag and drop user ID and Password including url if required. Except for common use accounts all my logins use unique passwords looking like this Ch4EDbTsBbcQx62WJ1Qt or nf4@@jxEuA’F`0m;%/`Y when not stored within my browser (a Portable firefox) I just drag and drop the user ID and password from KeePass.