Apr 302012
This well considered response to issues raised by Google critics needs to be considered – Tony.
Stop the Google Drive Terms of Service Bogeyman hunt

Everyone loves to stir the pot and engage in some solid fear-mongering whenever it comes to privacy on the Internet, especially when it comes to Google products and services, but it needs to stop, because all we’re getting are biased voices…

Jul 172010

Perhaps this is not the case for everyone but in my view;

The Internet and open source has come of age. It has never been easier to build a strong and dynamic Internet presence. The tools are just waiting to be used and a Website can be developed rapidly to meet so many requirements.

I now have a Hosting Account and can setup and deliver Internet sites quickly and efficiently. Sites most importantly must be easy for the content owner to update. Content is King – if you don’t have something to say, then don’t bother. So it is essential that you find website solutions you can attend to with the ease of emailing a friend.

Good website design in my opinion involves;

  1. Technical knowledge and ability to rapidly deliver.
  2. Being able to cut to the chase and really understand the REQUIREMENTS a site needs to fulfill, even when the customer is not so sure themselves.
  3. The ability to educate people on what is possible so they may frame their needs in what is actually available.
  4. An artistic or aesthetic appreciation (Personally I get help on this one – Know your weakness and get stronger)
  5. Design skills

I now find myself in the position to do all these effectively. So can I help you ?

Finally – all this is only possible because we “stand  on the shoulders of giants”, those people in the creative Open Source  movement that precede us.