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West of the Snowy Mountians

By admin

Traveling to Melbourne by car recently we took a new route. We also returned via a longer route and approached the snowy mountains from the west. We found some lovely views, and the camera worked overtime.

The above is a view from Lawrence Lookout.

These views are from the upper extent of a large dam which is way below it’s potential high mark. The idea that these places are potentialy inundated and previous history is drowned when dams are created does not only feel spooky but sometimes looks spooky.

Here is another view of a bridge and further out across the trees drowned by the rising waters.

Here are trees further up into the mountains which seem to be amongst the smoke, though we could not smell it. The trees trunks are black from a fire in the last few years but the trees are healthy and lush. I will post in the future the ghost trees bleached by the cold having died in the terrible fires of some years ago.

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