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Archive for July, 2010

Hot stuff

I love hot food and especially special chillies, here is some hanging on a wall in the south of France near the Spanish border, in the basce (Spelling to be determined) region. I brought home some sauce from the region and it was wonderful, only I can’t pop out and get some more. It is […]


Colours in the Mist

The following is a photo taken on a foggy morning at La Source. Taken in RAW mode I have enhanced only slightly (Believe it or not) the colour saturation. It is lovely seeing the world a little differently with the assistance of your camera.


7th Heaven

A Small bird may consider this market shop in Marrakech – Morocco as its own dream of Heaven.


The Great Wall of China

The Great wall of China was a special experience for me as it marked an event which one could call an “iconic site”. It reminded me how grateful I am for the opportunity to travel. Travel also teaches you things you could not have imagined, for example in the following picture “what is not wrong […]


Uncomplimentary wishes

Whilst Traveling in China and in a Beijing Motel there was a large bottle of water sitting on the coffee table. Attached was a label that would break if open, in effect a seal. To ensure that inĀ  breaking this seal you would be aware the you must pay for it, look what was printed.